Monday, February 27, 2012

Students Making a Stand

Wednesday was another great Huddle at OLu, as Football players Drew Williams and Maki Lui spoke to their peers in FCA. It was a great time of infulence as Drew and Maki both shared their heart to encourage, inspire, and challenge their peers. Please continue to be in prayer for the school, sports programs, admin, and and coaches, as they need our prayers. Special thank you to all the parents that continue to support the students and school in our effort to develop champions that impact the world for Christ.

OC FCA Golf Tournment- For FCA Camp at UCLA

Each year in March we have a Orange County wide Golf tournment to raise money for students to afford to attebd FCA camp at UCLA. The Monday of March 19th we will be having our 13th annual Golf tournment. We encourage you to come, invite friends, and pass the word. All info can be found here or email me at

Many Reached and Acknowledged at Night of Champions

45 recieved Christ for the first time and close to 100 re-committed their life to Christ on Friday night at Night of Champions. 15+ OLu students were acknowledged for their character and infulence. Over 1,200 students from all the FCA schools in Orange County came together for the night. Speakers from USC football, Pro Lacrosse, and Pro snow boarder were great influence on the night.
Thank you to all the parents that went out of their way to get kids to Night of Champions. More info can be found here- Pictures should be uploaded soon.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Former OLu Alumni Dave Heim Speaks

Dave Heim played football and basketball here at Orange Lutheran and went to play football at University of Arizona. Dave has recently taken a job as youth ministries director at Salem Lutheran. Last Wednesday, Dave came in and spoke to the kids in FCA. It was impact full for the students to hear from another former alumni that is out there impacting the world for Christ. Please continue to be in prayer for the school, sports programs, admin, and coaches, as they need our prayers that Orange Lutheran remains a place God educates and equips to impact the world for Christ.

Monday, February 6, 2012

FCA Student Walking with Christ

If you have seen me out, there is a good chance you have seen me with Skylee, especially on Sunday mornings at church. Skylee is an amazing kid that plays football, runs track, and has been a leader in FCA for two-three years now. Skylee was saved through FCA and is soon to be baptized. He tells me that he wants to be the one that breaks his generational curse as he withstands from drugs, alcohol and un-Godly behaviors, but just like all our teens on these campuses there are influences that are trying to pull him away from God's ways and into the worlds ways. Skylee's father is in prison, his two brothers are in jail awaiting trail, and he lives with his younger brother and mother whom has not had a job in 5 years. Skylee is like a son with me. I support his needs, and I am helping him get into College to earn a degree and play some college food ball along the way. Skylee has a 3.45 overall GPA, but will have to attend junior college because of being in remedial English. The great thing about that is that where we are sending him (Saddleback CC) FCA is strong and present by their head football coach. As we move closer to Skylee graduating and moving on to college there will be many needs this kid will have. The reason I write this, is to ask you to be in prayer with me for him, his needs, and his walk with Christ, as we try to help him impact the world for Christ.

Skylee and Me

Thursday, February 2, 2012

OLu alumni return to speak at FCA

Former OLu students,Jacquelyn Barens and Leah Jagger came back to deliver an influential message on making their walk in a relationship with Christ. These alumni, now volleyball players at Concordia College, came to share a message with the kids about the relevance of a personal relationship with Christ. We would like to send a special thank you to all the parents that make FCA possible at OLu and for their continued support. Please continue to be in prayer for the students, school, admin, and sports programs as they all need our prayers. 

Jacquelyn and Leah with some "Parent Team" support

Thursday, January 26, 2012

FCA Night Of Champions- Feb 10th

On the 10th of Feb. we are expecting 1,500 students from all the FCA schools in Orange County. Many of those students have been nominated for the Character and Influence award.  Parents are welcome, invited, and we are hopeful you will join us for the evening.
  • Free In and Out for all the students.
  • Outside activities and food starts at 5:45 & inside program starts at 7:45-8:00
  • Speakers- USC- Devon Kennard- He plays defensive end on the football team and was the number one high school recruit out of high school, a Pro Lacrosse player and a female Athlete, all who are doing big things for the Lord.

Youth Pastor Ja Hewitt

Wednesday Youth Pastor Ja Hewitt came and shared at FCA OLu. It was another time of infulence as we are all praying and working to see the students standing firm in their relationship with Christ and taking their platform to impact the campus and world for Christ. Lets continue to stand together and support the school  and programs, they need our efforts and prayers.

Some of the Leaders

Some of the Orange Lutheran Leadership Team

Egypt Mckee came into our leadership teams and introduced  "The Clean Water Project" and talked with the leaders about what it means to be a leader and about their walk with Christ. Leadership mostly comes by nature within the students, but it also comes when you present an opportunity to the student where they can become a leader.
The leaders are all ramped up and ready to go for the new year.

Monday, December 12, 2011

FCA Brad Speaks

FCA's Area rep Brad, whom leads the ministry in North OC spoke this past Wednesday at OLu FCA. It was a time of challenging the students to keep God on the throne of their hearts, impact the campus, and be leaders within their teams and school. The only way to do that is to stay tight with Jesus. Please continue to keep the students, teams, and school in your prayers. Thank you to the parent team support that has been so supportive for the kids, making it all a complete success.

Monday, November 14, 2011

NFL Mckee Speaks at OLu FCA

Former NFL QB Mckee spoke at OLu's FCA Wednesday. It was a good time of influence and impact as Mckee challenged the students to "Be Still and know that God is God".  For the kids to be ok with who God made them to be. Mckee is one of the better speakers the kids will have all year. A special thanks to the "Parent Team" for the pizza and goods. Through your support this is possible. An impact is being made because of you. Please continue to be in prayer.

Friday, November 4, 2011

2 Cal State Fullerton Athletes Speak

Mike Lorezen (Baseball) and Janali West (soccer) both spoke at OLu's FCA on Wednesday. It was a awesome influence for the day. These two athletes are some of the best over at CSUF and they are making a big impact in so many lives. Not only are they impacting their team, their campus, but they are in these High schools reaching many. A special thank you to all the Parent team support for the students. Please continue to be in prayer for the students, the school, and everyone working to achieve our mission statements as a school and within FCA.

Monday, October 24, 2011

USC Football Legend Bring Many Closer to Christ

Wednesday, the Students threw another outstanding FCA. As USC's "Big Tommy" was back to share his story. He was a 10 year team Chaplin, a defensive team caption, that walked on at USC and actually only has one play to his name. His "Rudy" like story is hard to believe and as usual influences many. Within this FCA, Big Tommy had over 20 students to clear the mud and rededicate their life to way with the Lord. The kids send a special thanks to all of you that are praying for them and the school, as well as the "Parent Team" that support throughout the year! Please continue to be in prayer for the students, school, and staff of OLu.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Seniors Connor Sullivan and Heather Hall Speak- 10/5/11

Two of OLu's leaders that will be champions for life that impact the world for Christ spoke Wednesday in FCA. The two are great influencers. Take a few moments to hear from them yourselves.
Please be in prayer for the students and the school!

OLu Freshman Jake Olson speaks at 1st FCA - 9/21/11

Our First FCA of the year was a complete success as Jake Olson shared his outstanding testimony battling cancer which ultimately has lead to his loss of eye sight. FCA's purpose is to see the kids on fire with the Lord and pushing to reach their highest level of performance all with and for the Lord. To be champions for life that impact the world for Christ.
There was roughly 160 kids that packed into the team room to hear from Jake. Jake is only a freshman here at Orange Lutheran. If you happen to see him around campus please step out of your way to support and make Jake feel at home. More of Jake's story cane be found here.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

CSUF Basketball- Omondi Amoke Shares Coming to Christ- 3/23

Omondi Amoke was the number one CA high school prospect in 2008. He is now with CSUF as he shares his story of coming to the Lord at OLu FCA Wednesday. The video is long but it is a must see video. Please continue to pray that God moves here at OLu. A thank you to everyone that is allowing God to move through FCA.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

APU Athletes Speak- 3/16

Wednesday the 16th was another outstanding outreach huddle event at OLu FCA. Tyler (football) and Todd (baseball) spoke and impacted many. Thank you to all that are supporting the kids. Please continue to be in prayer that God would move through the Admin, Staff, Coaches, and Students at OLu.

Monday, March 7, 2011

OLu Athletic Director Speaks- 3/9

Wednesday the 9nd Orange Lutheran AD Mark Davis spoke to the FCA Huddle. Mark's clear purpose is to take his opportunity and platform as coach and AD to impact others for Jesus Christ. Wednesday he shared about  "Agreement- Alignment- Assignment". Which stands for the way to life as God designed it. "Agree" to the way of the Lord and all that he is. "Align" yourself with his ways daily in all that you do daily. "Assignment" you will be lead to all the assignments he has for you and your life. Please continue to be in prayer for the admin, staff, coaches, programs, and players.

Leadership- 2/23

 It was good to see all the students that showed up for our first FCA Leadership meeting. As we move forward with FCA at OLu, we are really emphasizing student leadership. Leadership meetings will consist of a small bible study, a heart inventory from a student, planning, as well as small discipleship and mentorship.
The 23rd was a great start. Please continue to be in prayer for OLu admin, staff, coaches, programs and players as we pursue nothing short than all God as intends!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Annual OC FCA Night of Champions

1200 kids attended approx. 200 parents
1020 burgers given out in 2 hours/70 different schools represented/Over 100 volunteers
130 kids made a decision to follow Christ! amen

Former Major Leaguer- Matt Luke

Wednesday at OLu FCA, Former major leaguer (Angels/Yankees/Dodgers) Matt Luke came to speak. It was another great form of influence, as Matt shared his experiences from CIF Champ, to college world series, to his 11 years in the pros. Matt challenged the guys to draw closer to the Lord, by picking up your bible each day and talking with God as you walk this walk. Please continue to take some time to pray for the kids, staff, coaches, and programs at Orange Lu. A special thank you to all you who are a part of this FCA “Parent Team”.  Through you and your prayers God is moving.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

USC's Football "Rudy"

Today at Orange Lutheran FCA, USC Football’s “Rudy”( Big Tommy) came to speak.
Big Tommy played with Ronnie Lott, Marcus Allen, and was the Chaplin of USC for 10 years.
It was a great time of influence and fellowship, as the kids strengthened their walk with the Lord.

God, our prayer is that you move through the staff, students, and the sports programs to build champions for you. Amen. Lets continue to be in prayer for the students, coaches, and staff. They need us!

1.       This Friday is “Night of Champions”. All supporters and parents are encouraged and welcome to come. ( There will be a place up top for you) Info can be found here –

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Former NFL/ Now TV show host Egypt Mckee

Today Former NFL QB/ now TV show host and owner Egypt Mckee came to Orange Lutheran.  It was awesome as Mckee challenged the students see who they are in the Lord. Let’s all continue to be in prayer for the kids here at OLu. God has a mission awaiting them. Our prayer at FCA and OLu staff and coaches is that we can lay the foundation and build them up to live the incredible journey and mission God wants to lead them on.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Rooney Story

Wednesday OLu FCA was honored to have brothers Sean Rooney( Professional baseball player- Washington Nationals) and Colin Rooney(Pepperdine baseball) to come and share about their life and testimony. Most of you around here probably heard about the tragedy that struck their family some years back. Their father and older brother (whom also played at Pepperdine) were killed in a private plane crash. The two both shared some powerful stories of how they overcame with Christ and how they live to bring glory to God with their life and through their platform in sports. God is good. We have faith and trust his will, taking not a day for granted. Sean and Colin did a wonderful job of strengthen the faith and drawing OLu students closer to our great God.
God, my prayer for these kids is that they will encounter you daily to reach the amazing mission you have for them in their life to impact the world and further your kingdom. Amen
Lets continue to join in prayer for Orange Lutheran staff, coaches, programs, and students.

Night Of Champions- *Coming 2/11/11*

FCA "Night of Champions" will be Friday Feb 11th at Mariners Church from 6-10pm and its all free. (*Parents are welcome and encouraged to come. There will be a section just for you up top*). Guest speakers include many pro and collegiate athletes with free food from In & Out Burger. We expect over 1,000 FCA students from within over 60 Orange County School FCA's. Main speaker will be USC's Matt Barkley. More info coming soon. You can also find more info at

Friday, January 21, 2011

Win With Him First- 1/19

Wednesday FCA was reignited at Orange Lu. It was great to see and hear from all the kids as to why FCA is important to them. Our prayer this week at FCA is that we can take the same heart we have in competition to beat Mater Dei and give it to the Lord first. Our prayer is that we look to win with God first in all his ways. God, we give you our all first and want to win more than anything with you! Please join us in prayer. Its great to be back. A thank you from team OLu FCA to the parents that supported with pizza and goodies.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

3 College Athletes Speak- 12/15

Kristen Sharkey (Northwestern- Softball), Haley (Biola- Basketball), and Benji Sutherland (Biola- Baseball) all spoke to the FCA group at Orange Lutheran High on Wednesday. There testimonies were of great influence, exampling how God is their purpose, strength, and love that leads them in all that they do.
A continued thank you to all the parents that make this happen and ask God to move at OLu. A difference has been made. Lets all continue to pray.
Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

2x Miss Fitness/Actress/Model- Chelsea Hunter

North OC FCA's most powerful testimony is with Chelsea Hunter. Her story of coming from a divorced abusive mother, she shares her heart and story with OLu FCA. It was a powerful influence and example of what God can do when we are lead and surrendered to him. Be sure to follow up with your child on this one. It can be great dialogue.
A continued thank you to all the parents and supporters that call upon God to move at OLu and support him through FCA. Lets conintue to pray that the kids start to move closer to the lord each and every day. He has greatness awaiting them.
In Him,

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Softball Leaders Speak

Today three leaders of the softball team spoke in our FCA huddle- Savannah King, Brittany Boesel, and Heather Hall. It was influential and encouraging to all the students.
A continued thank you to all who are apart of supporting these kids in prayer and giving of your time and resources. God is moving.
Please continue to pray for your child and these students to encounter our Lord personally and move closer to him daily.
In Him,

Monday, November 15, 2010

Cal State Fullerton Athletes


Wednesday at FCA we had two Cal State Fullerton athletes Mike Lorenzen (Baseball) and Abbi Miraldi (Volleyball) came to speak to our FCA students on campus. It was great as they both shared their personal testimonies of coming to the lord and their purpose of living to bring honor and glory to our Lord. Thank you parents that provided pizza, drinks, and goodies for the students. All parents are welcome and encouraged to come be a part of our weekly meetings. Let's continue to pray for your child and these students to encounter our Lord personally and move closer to him daily.
In him,